Gentle Annie

It is a delightful spring afternoon, blue sky, puffy clouds, miles of grapevines and lush cow pastures.  The drive down the narrow King Valley in Victoria is idyllic and complemented by classical music. The towns of Moyhu and Whitfield are little more than hamlets. Edi is even smaller. There is a good camping reserve at Edi cutting, it is quite a large area beside the King River with toilets. It is free and although we haven’t stayed there it looks to be popular with the big rigs.

We decide on the Gentle Annie campground at Whitfield which is also on the King River. It is an independently run caravan park ($30 powered site), quirky but clean and we really couldn’t complain about the view as we’re beside the gurgling river. As I wait in the car for Woody to check in, I notice a sign “all dogs must be kept on leashes” suddenly a big black dog bounds in the open driver’s side door and slurps his tongue right down my cheek. Not being a dog owner I bound out my door just as fast.

The place quickly grows on us and I think that it could best be described as paradise.  And it is the only park we’ve ever found with a carpet runner in the ladies loo. Now that certainly is different and welcome underfoot on cold mountain mornings.

An added bonus for King Valley wine buffs is that Dal Zotto and Pizzini wineries are less than five minutes away in nearby Whitfield and the superb and highly rated Mountain View Hotel as well.

20131109-DSC_0079 (2)
King River at Gentle Annie, Whitfield

8 thoughts on “Gentle Annie

  1. Oh I know this place well, it’s gorgeous, though when we camped here a couple of years ago (on a long weekend) the place was packed. I’d love to go back to enjoy it in off peak season. And yeah, the wineries nearby are fantastic!

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