Endless Summer

Is it any wonder that so many Aussies hit the road every year in search of an endless summer?

I recently read that there are a million people out there just travelling the country, that’s 1/24th of the population!

To wake up to an Australian summer morning is ethereal and they’re doing it every day of the year travelling north to south and south to north chasing the warm weather.

Oh the smell of new morning freshness wrapped in warmth and the prospect of a hot day. It’s a sound, it’s a feeling and the warble of a magpie. It’s warmth, sometimes with a little chill but all the senses promise warmth ahead, heat to come, soon, and a cloudless cobalt blue sky.

Oh how we summer lovers long for it. Cherish it. Dream it.

I can almost smell the cow manure
I can almost smell the cow manure

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