Prepare for the Unexpected – Passing Wind

So often when on the road, plans go awry. One must be flexible and be prepared to make the most of what nature throws at you.

Mt Franklin
Tree trimming Mt Franklin, Vic
Mt Franklin
Mt Franklin camp ground

Mt Franklin

We take the winding corkscrew road up the side of tiny Mt Franklin and find ‘Tuareg’ all set up with a couple of choice sites reserved for ourselves and the ‘El Prados’. While we’re making our decision the rangers arrive to close off this side of the park and move us to safety. They are getting ready for a few days of tree trimming. Which I’d imagine is quite a task as the crater of this extinct volcano is a garden of magnificent deciduous trees. Having been so well set up Tuareg is blowing steam out her ears as the actual work won’t commence until tomorrow anyway. Thus we skedaddle to the other side of the park and are soon joined by the El Prados.

We have after dinner drinks with a couple of touring German lads and are joined by a number of hungry possums hoping for tidbits.

Around midnight our balmy summer’s evening turns to autumn with heavy rain that continues solidly for most of the morning. Thankfully being in the crater protects us from the severe winds that are battering Melbourne but we’d prefer not to listen to chainsaws.


We had intended to stay a second night at Mt Franklin but the tree works put paid to that. Have I mentioned how cold it is? Elle Prado finds an interesting spot on WikiCamps so we dash into Daylesford for hot coffee (and a warm woolly scarf) before exploring our new favourite place, Glenlyon Recreation Reserve.

A finer camp ground you couldn’t wish for. Used as a base for many local sporting clubs there are acres of land for camping and room to give the dog a run. In fact the locals are doing likewise with both dogs and horses. There is an avenue of large oak trees leading to the reserve buildings a BBQ and a toilet block for all to use. To add to this there is a playground for kids and a (currently dry) creek meanders through the park. At the back of the park there is a mineral spring and a second undercover BBQ. A horse track and cross country equestrian trail skirt the oval providing a place for a pleasant walk.

We barely get ourselves set up when the wind whips the awnings into somewhat of a frenzy and its all hands on deck to get them back in. Deciding to just sit in the sun we are again thwarted by a sudden shower. And so the day progresses bursts of sunshine then complete stillness punctuated by showers and gusts of strong wind. In between showers we explore the park and note that we won’t be alone tonight. The ground is liberally sprinkled with horse and kangaroo poo. We put the chairs out for happy hour sit ourselves down and bingo it rains again. The setting sun colours the tops of the trees in the distance and I watch the kangaroos grazing as I wash the dishes.

Thank you to the people of Glenlyon for providing such a peaceful camp ground.

Glenlyon Recreation Reserve
Glenlyon Recreation Reserve, Vic
Glenlyon Recreation Reserve & mineral spa
Poodle Wind Vane, yes it’s a westerly!


2 thoughts on “Prepare for the Unexpected – Passing Wind

  1. The one thing that really spoils camping for me is the wind. I had to abandon ship and spend the night in the car when we were at Halls Gap. Love the dog’s ears!


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