The New Camp Kitchen

We’re settled in at the caravan park at Evans Head on the NSW north coast. There is a beaut BBQ area just near our van and great celebrations are on for the grand opening of another new, really flash, camp kitchen across the way. There are old folks dashing back and forth to be first for the free snags. The place comes alive with daggy shorts, bandy legs and Bunning’s camp chairs. We shy away from the melee and toss some caravan chicken on the old BBQ. Hmmm, this one’s not a bad camp kitchen either.

Caravan Chicken

This recipe evolves each time it is cooked because it depends on what is in the pantry.

Chicken thigh pieces diced into bite sized chunks.

Marinade – A good slurp of whatever sauces are available:

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce

Soy Sauce

Ketjap Manis (thick sweet Indonesian soy)

Marinate the chicken in an airtight container for a few hours, then toss on a hot BBQ. Delicious with anything and must be eaten outdoors to enhance the experience.

Evans Head
Sunrise Evans Head, NSW

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