Rookery or Nursery?

It is early spring in 2012 when we visit Paynesville, Vic with a caravan in tow. Now that is a change for us as in the past we have spent so much time on the Gippsland Lakes just dagging about in boats. I’m surprised to find that the sandy little point at the entrance to the canal which always seems to be home to a lot of water birds has become a serious rookery, with nesting swans dotted everywhere. There are also pelicans, cormorants, ducks and water hens. I skirt the area, not wishing to disturb them and come within a loud hiss of another mum on her nest hidden behind a tree.

As we leave town we find more swans nesting right beside the local boat ramp, one has ingeniously used old ropes for her nesting material.

Nesting swan, Paynesville boat ramp

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