Paddle Steamers – A trawl through the archives

I’m quite sure that each of the paddle steamers operating on the Murray is unique. They all have a romantic quality and some, to quote Peter of ‘Peter’s Ponderings’ look like they’ve been built by shed builders. With cabins and … Continue reading Paddle Steamers – A trawl through the archives

Family Fun

This week I’ve heard two heart warming stories. Friends of ours had a grown up daughter join us at our recent club muster. When our friends’ family was young they took the kids out of school for a year and travelled Australia in the caravan. The trip was so good that when this particular daughter accepted her boyfriend’s proposal it was on the proviso that they too would buy a caravan and take their planned family around Australia. The daughter and her husband now have four children and a brand new caravan with lots of bunk beds is under construction. … Continue reading Family Fun