How’s my bum look?

It’s the last day of our 3 month trip and we drive into Cobram for a look around. I vow not to take any more photos as we’ve been here more times than we can count.

Like so many Melburnians we have to have just one last look at the Mighty Murray River before we head south. Driving down to Thompsons Beach we comment in unison that the little paddle steamer PS Cobba is not in her usual berth. Then we see why, she’s being maneuvered into position to be hauled out of the water on a house moving transport for her regular survey check.

The little Cobba is paddling furiously to stay in position against the current. The truck is looking like it is way out of its depth and up front is a tractor ready to haul them all out of the drink.

PS Cobba, Murray River. Note the puff of smoke from the truck
Out she comes. The flag she is flying is the standard for Murray River paddle steamers.
All up on dry land and that bum looks pretty good for a girl who’s been in the water for two years.

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