Tocumwal, Day 8 – Serenity in The Bahamas

Day 8, Tuesday 30th November 2021, Tocumwal to Lower Moira, hot 31

S tells us that there’s been an owl perched on our TV aerial every night. Thanks S, but if I’d known I might have popped out to chat to it. Maybe that’s why she didn’t tell us until we were leaving.

Silicon and MV have invited us over to their block affectionately known as ‘The Bahamas’ because it’s near Barmah. That’s Barmah, Vic not to be confused with Barham, NSW and both on the Murray.

Thus, there’s a little convoy heading to Barmah with us in the lead, but I think that our GPS has developed Alzheimer’s this trip. We wind around back roads to The Bahamas and I’m sure the others have no idea where we are going.

Now ‘The Bahamas’ is a bush block that Silicon, MV and a bunch of others purchased decades ago. It is situated on the banks of the Murray but is on what is termed as a floodplain so building anything permanent could be a problem. As this bunch of mates only needed a spot to chill by the river and do a bit of water skiing The Bahamas with a bunch of pensioned-out caravans and a couple of cabins has served them well for three generations.

Just gazing at the Barmah bush

There’s plenty of room for us to camp even though there are a lot more cabins here than the last time we visited. The afternoon is spent lazing about in the shade trying to stay cool, its hot and dry, while Silicon wanders about with…you guessed it, a tube of silicon looking for things to repair. He eventually flings himself in the river and floats downstream but no one else can be bothered with the walk up the riverbank.

The funny thing here is that the river seems to be flowing from right to left and of course it is because we are on the Victorian side but….and this is the strange thing, we are on the north bank and New South Wales is to the south west of us! If you feel inclined just look at the map, the river does lots of loopy things around here.

Murray River at Lower Moira near Barmah, I’m sure that river’s flowing the wrong way!

Silicon cooks the meat over the open fire in the evening and we share the salads. It’s warm sitting outside and we have a Tawny Frogmouth silently perched on a pole above our heads. Yep, that’s serenity for you.

Accom: $20.00 donation to the group for more silicon

Towing Kms: 80Kms

Quiet isn’t he?

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