A Collection of Paddle Steamers

Murray River, May 2021

Amphibious, Echuca

Over a few days of wandering the Murray we’ve seen quite a collection of these romantic craft, old and new. I recall back in the 70’s watching a chap restoring an old paddle steamer on the riverbank, it was little more than a hulk and we were fascinated. Since then paddle steamers have become their own tourist industry no doubt popularised by the TV series All The Rivers Run. There are hundreds of them slap slapping up and down the navigable reaches of the river. There are day trips, dinner cruises and overnighters and the cheery toot of steam whistles.

10 thoughts on “A Collection of Paddle Steamers

  1. The “bones” of the wrecks look forlorn but the timbers they were made from certainly look substantial. I think I would enjoy pottering along the river on the “Billy T”.


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