The Ants Reign

Nullarbor 2015 Confused with multiple time zone changes as we cross the Nullarbor Plain we wake at 5:00am and it is broad daylight. When we open the door the flies are waiting and zoom in. Damn I’d only just managed to kill the ants that took up residence in the fridge. Yep that’s right they were inside the fridge busily doing what ants do. Now the flies want my breakfast. We haven’t seen any live animals since the emus around Port Augusta and very little road kill. I think the insects are dominating out here. Continue reading The Ants Reign

Get orf the roof!

We’re camped in an overnight rest area on the Nullarbor Plain. Green parrots chatter on our roof and I’m convinced that they’re tugging at cables. But Woody is engrossed in his book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so he just mutters “yeah”. I leap naked about the bathroom banging on the ceiling to no avail. Hmm I wonder what will happen when we’re back in civilisation and looking for TV reception in a few days time? Continue reading Get orf the roof!

The Pole Carrier

On our way to the West, we wake to the smell of the Aussie bush. After walking around town looking at the houses, shops and the river the three of us try to attach V’s new second hand pole carrier to the underside of her new van. Of course this may seem a simple task to most members of our caravan club but to us climbing Everest would have been easier. We take turns in rolling about under the chassis and groaning while Tilly leaps about giving dog assistance (not). Woody had left the clips from one end at home … Continue reading The Pole Carrier

Pildappa Rock

About 15kms off the Eyre Highway near the town of Minnipa in South Australia, Pildappa Rock stands high and proud above the wheat fields. The Eyre Peninsula is known for its granite monoliths and nearby Mt. Wudinna is 2nd largest to Uluru. Our mate finds a perfect campsite beside the wave face of the Rock and we constantly marvel at its size and the lichen stripes and patterns. Our other fellow campers are sprightly eighty year old retired Clarence Valley farmers in a camper trailer. We climb the rock and watch the sun set over the wheat fields. Our neighbour … Continue reading Pildappa Rock