Pildappa Rock

About 15kms off the Eyre Highway near the town of Minnipa in South Australia, Pildappa Rock stands high and proud above the wheat fields. The Eyre Peninsula is known for its granite monoliths and nearby Mt. Wudinna is 2nd largest to Uluru. Our mate finds a perfect campsite beside the wave face of the Rock and we constantly marvel at its size and the lichen stripes and patterns.

Our other fellow campers are sprightly eighty year old retired Clarence Valley farmers in a camper trailer. We climb the rock and watch the sun set over the wheat fields. Our neighbour tells us what it is like to be bitten by a Clarence Valley Rough Scale snake and how his last recollection before drifting into a coma was the wonderful news that the farm had just sold!

There is an intricate granite guttering system encircling Pildappa to catch the rain runoff.

This is a perfect place to rest when ‘doing’ the Nullarbor, so we spend the day lazing about in the shade of the rock. It is very hot but our octogenarian neighbours have gone walking in the Gawler Ranges. We find beetles and dry climate plants and climbing the rock becomes second nature to us and also provides good phone reception. The breeze blows about the base of the rock so that when we get too hot we stand against the rock face and catch the breeze.

I now understand the expression “watching you like a hawk”. When we walk on the rock with Tillie, who is a seriously cute toy poodle, the Hawks hover overhead with one thought in mind…”supper”!

Our neighbours return from their bushwalking and rig up a shade cloth shower tent. They assure us that it is not see through and hobble off cackling about showering together.

Pildappa Rock, SA

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