Is this Brunch or Linner?

March 2015, crossing the country east to west

From Mildura in Victoria we crossed west into South Australia and our phones and GPS automatically went back a half hour. We weren’t game to change the car clock as it was too difficult despite being right in front of us. A few days later on the Nullarbor and at the Western Australian border we were meant to go back another 45 minutes but instead we just called lunch ‘breakfast’ and pressed on, long straight kilometre after long straight kilometre.

Mildura to Caiguna Map… before we know it we’ve got quite a few k’s under our belts and we’re in Caiguna a mere dot on the map and Holy Hell we’re meant to lose another 45 minutes! What meal are we up to now and what about Daylight Savings?

Looking west from Pildappa Rock, SA, roughly half way across

16 thoughts on “Is this Brunch or Linner?

    1. At least it is out in the scrub. Pity the poor folks in the twin towns of Coolangatta / Tweed Heads which straddles the Qld / NSW border. Qld doesn’t have daylight savings so for half the year one side of a busy street is an hour different!

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