Fraser Range Station

Fraser Range Station, is more like a traditional caravan park but with a fabulous outlook and a chance to chill amongst dry climate gardens and trees after the Nullarbor drive. A place to catch your breath and put your feet up for a while. As we drove back out heading for the Eyre highway and westward once more an emu charged across the road in front of us. Cheeky devil.

Fraser Range Map
Fraser Range Station Source: Google Maps
Across the paddocks, Fraser Range Station, WA
The office, Fraser Range Station, WA
Dry climate gardens, Fraser Range Station, WA

4 thoughts on “Fraser Range Station

  1. It looks like a wonderful place to rest, catch your breath, enjoy. With emus, trees dotting paddocks, and dry climate gardens abloom with bougainvillea, it strikes me as a most exotic place!


    1. Exotic? We’d been on the road for a week by the time that we got there so I couldn’t rest until I’d cleaned the van on hands and knees from top to bottom. Although the roads were all sealed, red desert dust does get in. Then of course it was time to kick back with a glass of wine, meet fellow travellers and gaze out over the paddocks.


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