Gimme That Ole Time Religion

We’re camped at the Girgarre Moosic Muster in the tiny town of Girgarre in Victoria. At 10:00am on Sunday we rush off to gospel singing in the supper room. Our friend Meredith has been rehearsing since yesterday and she is up on stage singing her heart out. Then a group of gospel musicians take to the stage and they lead us through some old standards. The old town hall is positively rocking.  At every mention of God the guitarist rolls her eyes heavenward and the bloke sitting next to Brian punches his fist in the air. Yeehaa! And thus we just … Continue reading Gimme That Ole Time Religion

Why Join a Caravan Club

The more that I think about it I can’t think of a reason why one wouldn’t join a club. The annual membership fees are inexpensive and quickly recouped with product discounts and club magazines. Some groups keep in touch via Facebook making it very easy to get quick advice on where to stay or even meet up whilst on the road. It is a real treat to have friends drop in to visit when you’re on the other side of the country. Even if you prefer to travel solo clubs provide you with a network of people that you can … Continue reading Why Join a Caravan Club


At Portland in Victoria, we drive out to the aluminium smelter which is surrounded and powered by, wind turbines. It’s windy all right. There is a gannet rookery on Point Danger and it is a pleasant walk between the rain showers. The only sound is the surf and the whine of the wind turbines. Yes, they do whine. The birds are all clustered on the point and take turns to soar gracefully overhead. This rookery started with only a few pairs in 1996. There are now more than 6000 pairs here and on the small island offshore. Surprisingly right behind … Continue reading Duck!

Ants in Our Pants

We’re in Normanton, gulf country. It’s hot, dusty and dry. A million microscopic brown ants have taken roost in our van. I clean the caravan from top to bottom. Down on my knees scrubbing and throwing ant bodies into the rubbish bin and cursing. When all is done and everything is bright and sparkling again I turn on the coffee machine for a well earned break. There they are again waving tiny brown antennae at me…..we’re back! Just like the crocodiles they’ll be on this earth longer than us. Continue reading Ants in Our Pants

The Royal Hotel, Bouldercombe

We haven’t tried pub camping so just shy of Rockhampton in Qld we turn off towards Mount Morgan and 15 minutes later we are in the little town of Bouldercombe. We pull up outside the Royal Hotel and Tracey the publican bounds down the beer garden steps to meet us. Yes, we can park out the back on the wide mowed paddock along with the other campers. “A beer in the bar would be appreciated, thanks and there are $10 meals”. What a lovely spot, it is sunny, warm and dry and peaceful. The other campers are a chatty bunch … Continue reading The Royal Hotel, Bouldercombe

Winter in Victoria is Cold

We’re camping with friends Steve and Margot in Glen Cromie Park near Noojee in Victoria. Up in the hills of west Gippsland it is not unusual to be cold at night in the winter. And true to form overnight the temperature dropped below freezing. Fortunately we’re on a powered site and we can flick on the heater. But not so for Steve and Margot and they soon realise that they’ve left their heater at home. The morning is cold and brisk but beautiful so we drive into Warragul for a bit of shopping and a new heater. We return via … Continue reading Winter in Victoria is Cold

They’ll be fuming

It’s a hot evening in Broken Hill and before dinner we have a drink with our near neighbours from down Geelong way, who have a classic old Millard van that they are towing with a Ford falcon. They are planning on taking it up to Darwin and back down the East coast. With one small snag, the Falcon doesn’t have a large enough petrol tank to make it between petrol stations on the Stuart Highway, so our new mate is airing out an old varnish can under the van, which he intends to fill with extra petrol, hmmm. Continue reading They’ll be fuming

Customer service

We’re in Georgetown on the Savannah Way it’s hot and remote and we’ve stopped for supplies. While we’re in the supermarket a young local woman is at the counter and they’re having problems with the EFTPOS. “You in a hurry?” says the owner. “Yes” says the young woman (she’s got a long drive to Cairns ahead of her, close to 400kms). “Too bad, so sad” says the owner “I’ve pulled the plug out you’ll just have to wait.” And wait we did. Continue reading Customer service

Upgrading the Van

We have quickly learnt that weekends mean little these days and school holidays are quite a nuisance really. All of our planning in relation to finding the right car and caravan combination was good experience but we soon found that we liked caravanning so much that we wanted to do more of it. Especially the free camping. After eighteen months we sold our beloved pop top and bought a nineteen foot caravan with an ensuite. After two short trips we realised that the Ford Territory also had to go so we traded it in on a second hand Jeep Commander … Continue reading Upgrading the Van