The fridge that we had in our pop top had a habit of freezing the tucker rather than chilling it. Our cold rissoles were a little frozen as the fridge had once more been working overtime. At least they were edible and Brian thought that the mashed potato tasted more like potato icy poles. I guess it would have been worse if the fridge was under performing. The fridge in our caravan doesn’t like strong wind blowing on the fridge side of the van. Thus when we are free camping and running on gas it blows out, about every ten … Continue reading Fridges


Since becoming caravanners we have developed a love of tucking up in the warm and watching DVD’s on the nights when we don’t have TV reception. So much so, that we have trouble containing our exuberance when we can’t get a signal. It started with Midsomer Murders during a downpour beside the trotting track at Sebastian, out the back of Bendigo, one cold winter afternoon. We then started working our way through the Downton Abbey series one through four. One night in Yallingup we were cooking a roast in the oven and were so engrossed in the TV show that … Continue reading DVD’s

Men’s Health

During our caravan club’s Traralgon muster we were made painfully aware of the importance of ball weights. I can tell you first hand that a heavy ball weight can cause undue stress to the individual and can cause him to make many unscheduled trips to the local car yards. In fact I’ve seen the said sufferer of this condition slumped over his computer muttering incoherently about towing capacities. I very much doubt that the cost of remedying this problem will be covered by BUPA, Medibank or any other health insurer so the pain will shortly move to his hip (pocket). Continue reading Men’s Health

Lessons Learnt On Our First trip

We’re both amazed at how well and how long we both sleep in the caravan. Some people complain about the noise others make hitching up, nothing wakes us, we look around and wonder where they’ve all gone. A vacuum pump would be handy, so that we can pack more food from home in the freezer, we only had room for one meal in a plastic container, if it was packed in bags we could carry more thus varying the diet with some ‘slow cooked’ food. One needn’t live on BBQ’s alone. We really need more camping type clothes, track pants … Continue reading Lessons Learnt On Our First trip

Perhaps We Shouldn’t Have Parked There

We’re on our way to Sydney and getting weary. At the little town of Tarcutta we choose the truck stop interchange to spend Saturday night. Being halfway between Melbourne and Sydney it has an enormous concrete apron where drivers can meet their counterparts and swap loads before returning to whence they came. As we figure that there is plenty of room for hundreds of trucks we park ourselves in the far corner and watch this fascinating activity. The amenities are excellent, separate heated bathrooms with toilets, showers and power points. Across the road is the very moving Truckers Memorial to … Continue reading Perhaps We Shouldn’t Have Parked There

Staircase to the Moon

Mindful of the time it’s off to Town Beach in Broome, WA to watch the Staircase to the Moon. We knew that the markets would be on here tonight but had no idea of what an event it would be. Loads of food, art and musicians. There’s even a lady who carves your name on a grain of rice. I wonder why one would want such a thing and if you did you’d be pretty upset if it ended up in Friday night’s risotto, wouldn’t you? Hundreds of people have gathered in this colourful melee and the crowds are edging … Continue reading Staircase to the Moon

Social Media

There is a great phone app called Wikicamps that has become the campers’ bible. Not only does it give details, pictures and prices of camp sites and caravan parks but folks can upload their personal comments. This is invaluable as you can get a good idea as to whether a great spot is perhaps a little too dusty in the dry season or perhaps over crowded at present. We leave the van out front and walk into the roadhouse / van park, which by the way is 150kms from anywhere in either direction. One of the ladies in charge shouts … Continue reading Social Media

Amazing Grace, Amazing Place, New Norcia, WA

I find it difficult to write about New Norcia as it took me by surprise. It was a town that had been on my bucket list for a very long time and we just hadn’t had the time to venture so far out of Perth during more rushed holidays. But caravanning is a timeless way of travelling and distances, especially as small as 140kms, mean little. To say that New Norcia it is a monastery town is probably the most accurate description, but it is an understatement. New Norcia is a place that has to be seen to be believed. … Continue reading Amazing Grace, Amazing Place, New Norcia, WA

Double Handling

We stop at the tiny town of Wallangarra, only because there is a sign pointing to an historic railway station, and we discover that this place is actually a border town. Wallangarra is in Qld and Jennings in NSW. The border line runs across the railway platform and in the old days when states had different railway gauges passengers would change trains at Wallangarra. In fact the Qld side of the station building has a bull nosed veranda and the NSW side has a sloping veranda. Even more confusing the goods sheds are in Jennings and the station in Wallangarra. … Continue reading Double Handling