Upgrading the Van

We have quickly learnt that weekends mean little these days and school holidays are quite a nuisance really. All of our planning in relation to finding the right car and caravan combination was good experience but we soon found that we liked caravanning so much that we wanted to do more of it. Especially the free camping. After eighteen months we sold our beloved pop top and bought a nineteen foot caravan with an ensuite. After two short trips we realised that the Ford Territory also had to go so we traded it in on a second hand Jeep Commander with the tow capacity of 3.5 tonnes. The caravan came equipped with much more efficient LED lighting. With two on board batteries and portable solar panels we can still easily free camp for at least eight days. We haven’t tested it for longer. The bathroom is a dream and having hot water is a luxury as is air conditioning and a full sized fridge and freezer. Upgrading was well worth it and weight is no longer an issue.

Excerpt from our Diary after the first night in the new van – we were

Mt Franklin camp ground
Mt Franklin camp ground

camped in the crater of Mt Franklin,Vic

‘All the gadgets on the van worked well overnight making it the most luxurious night of free camping we’ve ever spent. Now the hot shower before breakfast just tops it off. But do I have to put up with Woody’s moans of ecstasy with every shower or will he get used to this pleasure?’

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