Winter in Victoria is Cold

We’re camping with friends Steve and Margot in Glen Cromie Park near Noojee in Victoria. Up in the hills of west Gippsland it is not unusual to be cold at night in the winter. And true to form overnight the temperature dropped below freezing. Fortunately we’re on a powered site and we can flick on the heater. But not so for Steve and Margot and they soon realise that they’ve left their heater at home.

The morning is cold and brisk but beautiful so we drive into Warragul for a bit of shopping and a new heater. We return via Drouin with the bargain priced new heater. In need of more firewood for the campfire we leap from the car at every chance and throw a few branches in the back of the Jeep. Back at camp we soon discover that the new heater is in fact only a fan, whoops, the boys have already thrown the packaging on the fire. Any wonder the thing was so cheap.

Glen Cromie Reserve
Glen Cromie Reserve

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