Gannet Rookery, Portland, Vic
Gannet Rookery, Portland, Vic

At Portland in Victoria, we drive out to the aluminium smelter which is surrounded and powered by, wind turbines. It’s windy all right. There is a gannet rookery on Point Danger and it is a pleasant walk between the rain showers. The only sound is the surf and the whine of the wind turbines. Yes, they do whine. The birds are all clustered on the point and take turns to soar gracefully overhead. This rookery started with only a few pairs in 1996. There are now more than 6000 pairs here and on the small island offshore. Surprisingly right behind the viewing platform is the rifle range, with signs saying “Danger shooting range”. Some misguided souls have even taken pot shots at the pictures of gannets on the information sign. I’m glad that we’re here on a weekday.

and the sign says "Danger Shooting Range"
and the sign says
“Danger Shooting Range”

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