Since becoming caravanners we have developed a love of tucking up in the warm and watching DVD’s on the nights when we don’t have TV reception. So much so, that we have trouble containing our exuberance when we can’t get a signal. It started with Midsomer Murders during a downpour beside the trotting track at Sebastian, out the back of Bendigo, one cold winter afternoon. We then started working our way through the Downton Abbey series one through four. One night in Yallingup we were cooking a roast in the oven and were so engrossed in the TV show that we didn’t realize that the gas had run out. We had to watch an extra episode while the roast caught up. At Port Hedland we stumbled into the Sanity store to grab Series Five only to find that it hadn’t been released yet. It took some explaining to the young ladies behind the counter that “No we can’t come back in June, we’re on the road” and that ‘Old Farts’ actually spend their evenings sitting in desert bush camps watching movies about the British aristocracy. Now which episode of Foyle’s War are we up to?


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