Lessons Learnt On Our First trip

We’re both amazed at how well and how long we both sleep in the caravan. Some people complain about the noise others make hitching up, nothing wakes us, we look around and wonder where they’ve all gone.

A vacuum pump would be handy, so that we can pack more food from home in the freezer, we only had room for one meal in a plastic container, if it was packed in bags we could carry more thus varying the diet with some ‘slow cooked’ food. One needn’t live on BBQ’s alone.

We really need more camping type clothes, track pants and windcheaters for night time around the fire and T shirts and shorts for the daytime. Sandals also, would be easier to kick off when entering the van, because as all women will agree, shoes should be left outside the van, else we’ll become paranoid.

We need a jar of Vaseline in the toolbox, to stop the tow ball squeaking on those really tight corners. It does frighten the pedestrians.

The smell of clean country air is priceless.

Above all, it doesn’t matter which RV that you choose, the main thing is that you get out there and enjoy what this country has to offer.


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