A winter foray to warmer climes

What an odd trip this recent one was. Racing like idiots to get north of unseasonal rains in the inland of Queensland and thankful that we were not being battered by the driving rain and damaging high tides that hit the coast. Then being stopped by record breaking rain in Mackay and having to abandon plans to visit two National Parks, Finch Hatton and Byfield. Fair weather turned to an icy cold blast at Jondaryan on the Darling Downs when the Mercury only reached nine degrees. Ha, the sub tropics! We had grand plans to zig zag across New South Wales on our way south catching up on a few places that we’ve wanted to visit, but that was not to be. Flooding rains put paid to any ideas of touring and we were thankful just to keep our feet dry.

There was a mysterious car leak that wet the front floor mats on several occasions poor Woody was kept busy with the hair dryer but the damp persisted. The problem was resolved in Townsville and turned out to be dust blocking the tubes that clear water from the sun roof guttering. Gee, I wonder where the dust came from? I’ll bet it was red.

Car problems forced us to stop in Yeppoon and discover an area that is truly undersold. Then thanks to old mates who live in the area we got to see Byfield National Park through the eyes of a forestry worker. RACV Total Care insurance covered the cost of the caravan park and hire car will we were held up in Yeppoon. The car? Well it had a faulty oil pressure switch. Not to mention the exhaust sensors that had to be replaced later on the Gold Coast.

Of course there have been van problems too. The stove that broke down on Day One and had to be replaced, a nylon hose fitting sheared off the water tanks causing us to leave 180 litres of fresh water on the highway. The bed head leak re appeared and still hasn’t been resolved. The folding table fixtures gave way and the table fell ungracefully out of the wall and the door gave us grief either opening when travelling or not closing when stopped.

And the laptop’s battery died so we could only use it when plugged into power. Which wasn’t such an issue as the weather was so damned inclement that we spent more time in van parks than ever before.

What a sorry sight we must have been driving down the near flooded Bruce Highway in driving rain with dashboard warning lights flashing and beeping and the caravan door flapping! Is that what’s called adventure?

Whoops, cafe seating with a difference

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