Charters Towers, wartime

Fifteen thousand United States Army Airforce personnel were based in Charters Towers during the war.

We are taken on a guided tour of World War Two heritage sites. We learn how a compass was reset on a Liberator bomber after it had flown across the Pacific. A Compass Swing is located in the scrub behind the present airport runway. At first glance The Compass Swing is just a large concrete circle. But once explained you can see that the circle is broken into sections denoting angles of the compass. The plane was parked with wings across the centre line, the body denoting north south, and the compass was reset.

On the other side of the airport on the road to the Burdekin Weir there is what looks like a target a long way distant from the road, actually 80 yards. Beside the road is a concrete pad and rusting iron steps. On closer inspection you can see that planes were positioned on the concrete pad and the target used for the re calibration of their guns.

Target in middle distance used for gun re calibration


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