The Gulflander

Charlie Honey was a Gulflander train driver of yesteryear. The Gulflander runs between Normanton and Croydon in the Gulf country of outback Queensland. It leaves Normanton every Wednesday at 8:30am. It then makes the return journey leaving Croydon at 8:30am on Thursday. Weather permitting the train has been running since 1891. The journey takes five hours because the track is meant to be travelled slowly but Charlie liked to work hard on improving his times. One morning he left Croydon at 8:30am and at Normanton at 11:30am he answered the telephone to be greeted by his superior. Charlie was sternly … Continue reading The Gulflander

Australia Day at Dromana

As the summer sun burns through the morning mist families play on the beach. Up on a makeshift, truck tray stage a small child from another place gives thanks to a country that has taught her it’s language and now nurtures her on the path to adulthood. The crowd claps and cheers their faces chiselled through the generations from the genes of a hundred races. Sun hats plopped on heads, ice creams, cold drinks and kids lost in a sea of fun. The Sea Scouts raise the flag and on this gentle bayside beach everyone stops what they’re doing to … Continue reading Australia Day at Dromana

Our Top Ten Free Camps in Victoria

A friend (Yes G, that’s you) recently asked if I would put together a list of our favourite free camps. Here are the ones that we’ve stayed at and that always spring to mind when we think of introducing people to free camping. Before someone says “But what about Nug Nug” Each of these is totally free although there are other temptations to be had at Brown Brothers. Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson I’ve posted several stories about the beauty of this place. Well maintained level sites, good drop toilets, fire pits, friendly birdlife, a gurgling mountain stream and only 4kms from … Continue reading Our Top Ten Free Camps in Victoria

Little River Hotel

This week we popped down to Little River to catch up with caravanning mates who are suffering itchy feet whilst waiting for the kiddies to return to school after the summer holidays. In short we’re all busting to get our camp sites back when the hordes go home. About 50 kms south west of Melbourne and just off the Princes Highway (Geelong Road) you’ll find the sleepy hamlet of Little River. Known to most Melburnians as the place that inspired the name of the rock band… Little River Band. Hidden in the back of town where the tar starts to … Continue reading Little River Hotel

Boy’s Toys

When we’re towing the caravan we keep our car tyres quite firm for better fuel economy. But with the caravan safely stowed in the back yard we’ve been bouncing around town on tyres that are as firm as a tradie’s hard hat. When I complained about all this neck breaking bumping Woody decided to let them down a bit but discovered that his tyre pressure gauge had drowned in excess ice overflow from the ice fridge (please don’t ask, that’s another story). Off he went to the local Supercheap Auto store and came back with the pinnacle of tyre gauge … Continue reading Boy’s Toys