Compare the days

We always mix our accommodation and rarely choose the cheapest for the sake of cost. We tend to choose the best option available for the location. Be it Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, Camp Grounds, Pubs, Clubs, Farm Stays, National Parks or Freedom Camps. Friends who choose only to stay in caravan parks often ask why we stay in other places. This comparison of two consecutive days when pressing on to get home may help to explain our logic. Long distance, tired, pull into a depressing rundown highway caravan park where half the toilets have been locked to save on cleaning, have … Continue reading Compare the days

Mixed metaphors and cool coffee

We’re driving down from Nanango (Bunya country) to Toowoomba on Queensland’s Darling Downs. The sun is shining but it’s only 12 degrees outside. Ew and we’re still in shorts. Woody loves listening to Sydney’s John Laws on talkback radio as we don’t get it in Melbourne. I’m so over it that I threaten that I’ll neck myself if we listen to it one more morning! …On John Laws morning show a woman is mixing her metaphors “This can of worms is going to hit the fan!” I’m laughing so much that I miss out on hearing what the can of … Continue reading Mixed metaphors and cool coffee

The Regulars

Did you hear the one about the bunch of regulars who meet at the same caravan park every year? When they heard that their mates, let’s call them The Smiths, had bought a big new van they had a word with the park manager. The Smiths were the last of the group to arrive and were shocked to find a tap in the middle of their favourite camp site. After much head scratching by The Smiths, Mick the somewhat laid back and cheeky manager strolled over, picked up the fake tap and strolled away amidst roars of laughter. Continue reading The Regulars

Confused by Stonehenge…again

Queensland June 2018 On the Thomson Development Road, from Jundah to Longreach, we detour into a tiny dot of a hamlet called Stonehenge and although nothing like its namesake we are once more left bewildered. There is a population of 30 and a good RV camp for bewildered souls to stop and ponder, an Information Centre and the iconic Stonehenge Pub, damn it’s too early to pop in for a drink. Somewhere out in the scrub there’s an over the horizon radar facility that watches our coastline, I do hope that they’re not watching our peripatetic wanderings. Heading off once … Continue reading Confused by Stonehenge…again