Confused by Stonehenge…again

Queensland June 2018

On the Thomson Development Road, from Jundah to Longreach, we detour into a tiny dot of a hamlet called Stonehenge and although nothing like its namesake we are once more left bewildered. There is a population of 30 and a good RV camp for bewildered souls to stop and ponder, an Information Centre and the iconic Stonehenge Pub, damn it’s too early to pop in for a drink. Somewhere out in the scrub there’s an over the horizon radar facility that watches our coastline, I do hope that they’re not watching our peripatetic wanderings.

Heading off once more we listen to a bit of country music. “Is that the Sheila with the ring in her nose?” Says Woody. “No, it’s not Kasey Chambers.” Then we get side tracked trying to identify the location of said piercing. Such is the quality of conversation on the road.

The land becomes flat grassy plains to the horizon, so typical of Longreach. We can almost feel it getting nearer.

Just to keep the cows out of town
Stonehenge Hotel
The main street, Stonehenge, Qld

7 thoughts on “Confused by Stonehenge…again

    1. If the name was coined by a homesick Pom in the 1800’s (like so many other towns) then this guy should have been put out of his misery. It bears no resemblance whatsoever. My apologies though to the folks of Stonehenge,Qld it’s probably a ripper little place to live.

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    1. There must have been a lot of seriously homesick folk wandering about the New World sticking European names on places, animals and plants. Our ‘cedar’ is nothing like the real thing. And our ‘bears’ are cute and cuddly!


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