Under the weather

Mar 2015, Heading for the Nullarbor We cruise into a very windy Port Augusta at lunch time. Only to find that in my hungover state I have left the fridge turned off, the roof hatch open and the water pump on. These are all designated ‘pink’ jobs so I can’t blame anyone else. I doubt I’ll live it down but it was a great night in Burra Gorge. Continue reading Under the weather

Why do pot lids unscrew on the road?

Over a long lunch a friend who is new to caravanning remarked upon wine bottles becoming unscrewed when on the road. This caused me to grin stupidly and drift off into reminiscences. We used to be weekend trailer-sailors so we know the importance of battening the hatches and everything having a secure place, yet with caravanning no matter how smooth the road and how carefully stowed everything is you will still open the door to what sometimes appears to be murder and mayhem. We find pot lids love to unscrew themselves without any encouragement. We have a stick-on soap holder … Continue reading Why do pot lids unscrew on the road?

Court House Hotel, Smythesdale

Mar 2018, Smythesdale, Vic Returning from a month touring South Australia in gloriously warm summer weather… The Glenelg Highway in Victoria is in an appalling state and there are many sections of roadworks. We are detoured off the highway at Lake Bolac and when we eventually return to it at Gabbi Garmin’s insistence we are stopped by a policeman dressed in a pink T shirt who apologises for the lack of detour signs and sends us into the sticks once more. The sky is forbidding and the forecast is for a bout of seriously bad weather. We decide to give … Continue reading Court House Hotel, Smythesdale

The Big Rivers

Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by the Northern Rivers region of northern NSW. We once visited a distant uncle in Kempsey and he showed us the flood marks high up the wall, near the ceiling of his furniture store. It was hard for us to comprehend such a flood. Big wide life-giving rivers carrying so much valuable water out to sea for the betterment of prawns. At Taree, the Manning with its delta islands between Manning Point and Harrington. Vast tracts of sand, waterlogged forests of paperbark and oyster farms. The Macleay River at Kempsey, wide … Continue reading The Big Rivers