Court House Hotel, Smythesdale

Mar 2018, Smythesdale, Vic

Returning from a month touring South Australia in gloriously warm summer weather…

The Glenelg Highway in Victoria is in an appalling state and there are many sections of roadworks. We are detoured off the highway at Lake Bolac and when we eventually return to it at Gabbi Garmin’s insistence we are stopped by a policeman dressed in a pink T shirt who apologises for the lack of detour signs and sends us into the sticks once more.

The sky is forbidding and the forecast is for a bout of seriously bad weather. We decide to give our planned night at the Smythesdale Public Gardens freedom camp a miss and head straight for home. But not before a ‘farewell to trip’ lunch at the charming Court House Hotel in Smythesdale where a delicious and juicy slow cooked piece of Western Plains pork gives us the energy to continue the drive home. Nice pub too.

Court House Hotel, Smythesdale, Vic

7 thoughts on “Court House Hotel, Smythesdale

  1. So many of Vic’s roads have not stood up to the increased sizes of trucks carting harvest grains, fertilizer etc. as well as normal interstate freight traffic. It is the penalty for closing the railways, which is now looking more and more like a short sighted decision.


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