Goondiwindi (pronounced Gun da windy), southern Queensland, almost August 2017

Just over the NSW Qld border, Goondiwindi is a bustling hub for interstate trucks and farmers. Cotton, grain and wool are the industries of choice. We choose the quietest caravan park which is clean but due to the dry weather a bit of a dust bowl in a brisk breeze. I guess that you really can’t win in a highway transit park when the wind is blowing.

Gunsynd, The Goondiwindi Grey
Macintrye Bridge, Goondiwindi

We’ve scooted through this town too many times to get somewhere or home, so this time we take the opportunity to see the sights. We walk the town and take a moment to visit the Gunsynd statue in honour of the champion racehorse known as ‘The Goondiwindi Grey’ and the historic bridge on the bordering Macintyre River. Our sightseeing isn’t complete until we’ve washed the dust down at the magnificent Victoria Hotel.


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