June 2018, Hughenden, Qld

It’s hard to know what to make of Hughenden. It is busier than Winton is these days but the wide empty streets denote that it must once have been much bigger. Being a part of the ‘Dinosaur Triangle’ there is the obligatory dinosaur statue and sculptures and a magnificent windmill down by the wide, dusty and dry Flinders River. In the heart of town there is a fabulous shelter built from two windmill heads.

A practical shelter for weary shoppers

In our wanderings we find the saleyards and a large bank of solar panels. We later learn that wind turbines are being shipped into Townsville and along with acres of solar panels will become part of the Kennedy Power Project to capture energy both day and night. Perhaps Hughenden is a quiet achiever.


If 6 small solar panels can power out house and 2 really small ones can power our caravan then this is going to power half of Queensland!


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