Apex Riverside Park

June 2018, Longreach, Qld

Thomson River, Longreach, Qld

Just north of Longreach, beside the wide brown Thomson River is the Apex Riverside Park. It is well known as a freedom camp. Although were happily camped at Ilfracombe Caravan Park we can’t pass without checking out the free camp (it’s something that caravanners do you know, drive around check the van parks, check the free camps, a bit like dogs sniffing trees and lamp posts). Today there would be sixty rigs in the parking area. There is an old disused bridge across the river and people are fishing. The muddy river is wide and dotted with clumps of water plants with shady overhanging trees. From here it flows south to meet the Cooper on its journey to Lake Eyre.

An old puming rig on the Thomson River
Apex Riverside Park, Longreach, Qld


One thought on “Apex Riverside Park

  1. I camped here when I stopped in Longreach and, yes, it is a freedom camp but not free. All the camps provided by the Longreach Council area, including Isisford and Yaraka for example, are $3 a night. It’s a wonderful facility that’s provided for us travellers

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