Geographical Gymnasts

Take one campfire, add a bunch of caravanners and a beer or two, toss in the odd glass of wine. What do you get? A Gaggle of Geographical Gymnasts.

Sitting around any campfire anywhere at Happy Hour and the talk will nostalgically lead to places people have been and the good times they’ve had. It goes something like:

“We were in Maryborough.”

“Which one Queensland or Victoria?”


In that instant all minds have done a zig zag up a mental map of the country and they’re now all focussed on Maryborough, Queensland. You know, just north of Brisbane.

Then another story starts…

”…Remember that night in Carnarvon, Bill? It was pouring with rain.”

“WA or the Gorge?”

“WA, we were going up the coast to Broome.”

“I’ve always preferred Broome to Port Douglas.  What do you reckon?”

“Bloody long way though.”

And by this stage the whole group have drawn another bunch of lines across their mental maps of the country. Truth be known they’re only caravanning to keep dementia at bay.

A warm fire, a cold beer and a lot of mental exercise.

5 thoughts on “Geographical Gymnasts

  1. The Driver is hopeless with place names. He will start talking about “that place where the nuns baked bread – you know….Katoomba” Me: ???? Do you mean Kalumburu? “Yes that’s the one” They are thousands of kms and almost a continent apart but they both start with K – near enough! Anyone wonder why it is me that does the trip planning?

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