Broken Hill

If there is one place in Australia that must be seen to be believed it is Broken Hill. A mining town in the desert with an arts culture at its heart.

Oct 2012, Broken Hill, NSW

We soon learn that the enormous hill which towers above the city is the famous Line of Lode, 7.5kms long, 1.6kms deep, a 300 million tonne body of ore and it is still being mined to this day. Perched on the very top is a monument to the miners who have lost their lives on the job, eight hundred of them, thankfully the numbers have lessened over recent times. Beside the Miner’s Memorial is the Broken Earth Restaurant, with a fabulous view over the city below. The main street is called Argent Street and many of the streets here have metallurgical or geological names, Sulphide, Crystal, Cobalt, Mica, Talc. The city buildings are superb. Many have been huge old pubs, but sadly no longer. The quality of the administrative buildings attests to the wealth that has been unearthed here. This is a town that needs time to be explored and its treasures unearthed.

Palace Hotel and Line of Lode behind
Architecture of Broken Hill
Mining relics on the Line of Lode
Miner’s Memorial
Living Desert sculpture park
Miner’s Memorial, Line of Lode, Broken Hill, NSW

12 thoughts on “Broken Hill

  1. Wow looks fascinating. Not heard of it before but definitely a place worth visiting for the history and the amazing buildings. Hope not every pub is shut?


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