Signs of life in Queensland

Sometimes we query signs as we whizz by “Did that say what I think it did?”

Monto, Qld

“Monto Stockman’s store, Open 7 days unless closed”

Mulgildie Pub, Qld

Beside a picture of past prime minister Paul Keating – “The trouble with political jokes is, they get elected.”

On the way to Gayndah, Qld

“Sweet mandarins sometimes.”

On the way to Moura, Qld

We turn south east onto the Dawson Highway it is a much narrower road and we’re intrigued by the sign “Keep to the centre unless passing.”

Mareeba, Qld

“Welcome to Mareeba 300 sunny days a year.” And it’s raining.

The road to Goondiwindi, Qld

In Queensland the Cunningham Highway leading to Goondiwindi (pronounced Gundiwindi) is a little rough and quite monotonous, on the roadsides there are thousands of green prickly pear cacti with pink fruit. Apart from the cactus the road signs are probably the most interesting feature out here and help to keep drivers awake.

“Are we nearly there Mum?”

“Only an hour to Gundi kids.”

Club Hotel Croydon, Qld

“It’s not picking your nose that’s a problem, it’s where you put the boogies.”

Near Rockhampton the road becomes very bumpy and a sign declares

“Slow trucks carrying explosives” just as we pass by an explosives factory.  Go quickly Woody, go quickly!

Sign at Evening Star Farm Stay, near Charleville, Qld

“Please don’t place heavy objects on table eg. babies or bums.”

Outside a Karumba shop (750kms from Cairns)

“Please bring your own carry bags as we are running out – no stock for a fortnight”

Deliveries are precious in Karumba, even the beer had run out when we visited.

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