Aug, 2018, Bingara, NSW

Bingara’s Main Street is a short walk away from the caravan park and a pleasant surprise. It is a neat town with memorials to the doctor and chemist. There are murals on the walls and a grand court house and then there’s the Roxy Theatre.

Wearily we drop into the Imperial Hotel’s Gwydir Bar for a drink. There’s a fire burning and a friendly barmaid who has escaped the city (Ipswich) for the community lifestyle of Bingara.

As we are dog tired and wanting to tour the town’s Roxy Theatre we decide to stay another day.

This is a town that warrants exploration in warmer weather when free camping on the Gwydir River is an option.

Gywdir River, Bingara, NSW
Gywdir River, Bingara, NSW

2 thoughts on “Bingara

  1. Always have a giggle reading your blogs, this one is good published August 2019 wonder how many others have missed the first 8 months of the year.


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