Everyone needs a second kitchen at Chrissie

How many times have you run about like a headless chook at Christmas looking for more fridge space? There’s nothing better than a stinking hot Chrissie but where do you put the oysters, prawns, bugs and crays? The kitchen fridge is groaning with salads and nibbles and of course the cheeses. (note the pun control there) Then there’s the pavs and the puddings, berries and cherries.

The solution is at hand and it’s not the fridge out the back (insert shed, deck, patio) ‘cos that’s full of bubbles and beers. It’s the caravan! A fully stocked pantry of all the things that you’ll probably run out of and a delightfully cold fridge. And if the worst comes to the worst there’s an extra bed for an over refreshed relative who can’t find the car let alone the steering wheel.

Whatever your persuasion, have a great Christmas, festive season or holiday!

Xmas Prawns
Forget the roast, bring on the seafood!

8 thoughts on “Everyone needs a second kitchen at Chrissie

  1. What contrasting images you put in my head. Our fridge is full. No worries. Just leave the excess kicking round the kitchen. It’s plenty cold enough. Have a wonderful Christmas. Oh wait. Perhaps you’ve had it. I’m a bit vague about the time difference.


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