Yackandandah Streetscape

Dec 2019, Yackandandah, Vic

We recently spent a few restful days visiting a friend in Yackandandah, Vic. This delightful small town is one of those places that the world forgot for a time and thus now its commercial precinct is heritage listed. Residential streets are adorned with Victorian era cottages and rambling flower gardens.

Nestled in a small valley crisscrossed with small burbling creeks it is usually busy with day trippers from the larger towns in North Eastern Victoria. We got lucky, the streets were quiet, the weather was warm, and the town was draped in a pre-Christmas hush. The caravan park was shady, I even saw a trout in the creek. The lamb & mint pies from Gum Tree Pies were as good as the last time and the time before that. They’re high on our Pie Chart. The Star Hotel which we had gazed at longingly a few months ago was serving long thirst-quenching gin & tonics and our share plate of ribs was so good that I want to go back again. Soon!

No cars, no tourists and oh so quiet
Funeral Direcor & Taxis, I’d call that a Mixed Business


9 thoughts on “Yackandandah Streetscape

  1. No cars and no tourists looks great, a lovely unspoilt town. But how do you think you can keep getting away with all of these completely made-up place names? Ridiculous.


  2. Love the “Pie Chart”, if only I didn’t have to worry about gluten! I remember several shops in the town seemed to have a very laid back attitude to opening hours.
    Happy Wandering in 2020. 🙂


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