To Great Western, Castlemaine

Day 1 Monday 31/1/2022, Home to Castlemaine, overcast humid 34 We get away at 12:30pm after a bit of maintenance; a car service and a mammogram. We had planned to all meet up in the crater of Mt Franklin but it is a bit too hot. Not the volcano, the weather. In other words, we’re a bunch of wooses and prefer power for some air conditioned comfort. Thus Toothless’ Missus, Madam Secretary has booked us and The Prado’s into a caravan park in Castlemaine. We have no set plans for this trip it’s just nice to get away again now … Continue reading To Great Western, Castlemaine

The things you see on a boring stretch of road

Hay Plains, NSW. May 2016 When the highway stretches to the horizon and the road is as flat as a pancake. When there’s nothing but stunted bushes and tufts of cotton caught in the weeds. When the phone reception has dropped out and you’re counting down the kilometres to the next town…suddenly there’s an emu on it’s knees drinking and there it is …that wow moment of the day. Continue reading The things you see on a boring stretch of road