Maryborough Golden Jubilee Band Rotunda

Maryborough, Vic, Feb 2022 Erected in 1905 to celebrate the town’s golden jubilee this ornate band rotunda stands in Princes Park, Maryborough, Vic. The particularly ornate cast ironwork caught my eye and is recorded as being Late Victorian style. It’s … Continue reading Maryborough Golden Jubilee Band Rotunda

To Great Western, Maryborough Railway Station

Day 5 Friday 4/2/2022 Maryborough, light breeze sunny 26 We have a feast of ducks on the lakeshore behind us. An Indian Runner and her clutch of ducklings graze on the lawn. The corellas are making an unholy noise in the trees above and sounding like 1000 broody hens. There are honeyeaters, wood ducks and swans as well as walkers circling the lake. Driving around town we have to visit the piece de resistance, the Maryborough Station. The railway station here is so large that Mark Twain was quoted as saying “You can put the whole population of Maryborough into … Continue reading To Great Western, Maryborough Railway Station

To Great Western, Castlemaine

Day 2 Tuesday 1/2/22, Castlemaine, cooler El Prado races into town to the Lyal Eales store. Any campers visiting Western Victoria could easily find themselves in a campers paradise in these stores which are dotted about the larger towns in this area. His camp chair has broken and he is in need of a part, he returns with the replacement part and a tube of Locktite to keep his nuts in order. We walk across the road to the historic Mill for coffee at Das Kaffeehaus. Instantly we wish we hadn’t already had breakfast as the meals look superb and … Continue reading To Great Western, Castlemaine