Day 10 Saturday 19th January 2013 Clunes A distraught T wakes us early, crying “She’s dead!”. Woody whose hearing hasn’t been good of late shouts “Oh my God! R is dead!” I’m still in bed and shout “It’s the dog!” What a shemozzle. To our shock, it’s the younger dog Holly that has passed away during the night from what we’ll never know. She had shown no signs of ill health other than a pungent fart in the car yesterday. When the park managers Barry and Mette rise we ask them if we can bury Holly and Mette suggests a … Continue reading Misheard

Anderson’s Mill

Day 8 Thursday 17th January 2013 Clunes It’s a little cooler today, so we take a drive through the wheat fields to Smeaton passing the remnants of old gold mines. There is not much to see except for the Anderson Mill just out of town. It is five stories high and built of bluestone, what an engineering masterpiece it is, there is a long steel race that carries water from Birches Creek to the huge metal water wheel, which was built at the Victoria Foundry in Armstrong St, Ballarat. There is a lovely picnic ground shaded by deciduous trees and … Continue reading Anderson’s Mill