Where there’s smoke

Sunday 20th January 2013 Clunes

A beautiful day, the wind has dropped at last, we’re in for a much more pleasant 34 degrees. We return to Talbot to see the market and load up with lots of goodies. The main streets of the town are closed for this wonderful market and the streets are filled with fresh vegetables, buskers, and hundreds of browsers. We stuff ourselves with delicious Steamed Pork Buns and then drive on to Maryborough for a cup of coffee at the Supreme Court Hotel which has a coffee shop beside the hotel bar, you could say that this is a pub with an ‘each-way bet’.

Clunes is enveloped in a haze of bushfire smoke. In the afternoon we go for a drive and find ourselves at the source of the smoke, a now extinguished paddock at Waubra. We continue and marvel at the states’ largest wind farm, each hill has numerous wind turbines and there are 125 in all. We stumble upon the Talbot showgrounds, and it looks like camping is available, this is good to know.

T bakes chicken breasts for dinner and we retire early.

Wheat and wind turbines

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