Weighing things up

Monday 21st January 2013 Clunes to Home

Time to pack up and head for home. After losing an awning and our friend’s gorgeous little dog, that’s a holiday we’d prefer not to repeat. With hugs and tears, we pack up and leave historic Clunes at about 9:30am.

The van must be completely unloaded as it will go to the repairers tomorrow. In our innocence we thought that only the awning needed replacing but the whole side of the van will be replaced as there are quite a few dents in the aluminium panels, as a result of our fencing incident. As a matter of interest, I weigh every item as it comes off the van and, it seems we’re way under the legal limit. Thank goodness, after hearing so many ‘weight issue’ stories it’s good to have an idea of what we can and can’t carry.

Total Kms: 816kms

2022 Note: R & T’s older dog Gemma passed away only two months later. I doubt that they’ll contemplate any more pets until their caravanning days are over.

Sunset over Clunes, Vic

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