Once was a pub

Day 7 Wednesday 16th January 2013 Clunes

Before breakfast, we walk to the top of the town lookout and around the Port Phillip Gold Mine, there are nine mines dotted around the town precinct, but this was the first commercial gold mine of the whole Victorian gold rush. Later we drive to the historic town of Talbot about 20kms away, where Woody’s family built a hotel during the gold rush. We stop for a coffee and chat with the café owner who gives us a map of the town showing where the City of London Hotel once was. It seems that we are in luck as the renowned Talbot market will be held this coming Sunday so we will return for it.

Port Phillip Gold Mine site, Clunes
Port Phillip Gold Mine with magpie
The site of The City of London Hotel, Clunes.

Continuing, it’s on to Maryborough where we have a good look around the town and do a little shopping. We finish up with lunch at the beautifully restored Maryborough Station. We retreat to camp as the weather warms up and find some respite in the town pool which is just on the other side of the creek from the caravan park. It seems that everyone has had the same idea as we’re packed into the pool like farmed fish. Dinner is Greek Lamb Cutlets with an appropriate salad.

2022 Note: A Publican’s License was issued in May 1862 and it is assumed that The City of London hotel was operating as a canvas structure. On August 12th 1863 a contract was entered into with Talbot timber merchants Scott and Boyd for the building of a timber hotel on the corner of King St and Ballarat St North, Talbot. The cost being 249 pounds 18 shillings and 1 penny.

Maryborough streetlights

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