The Volcanic Plains

Day 9 Friday 18th January 2013 Clunes

There is a strong cool wind blowing. We drive to Maldon via Majorca and Carisbrook. Maldon is looking a little tired at present, perhaps there is a chance for Clunes to take over as the best historic small town. We find a delightfully sheltered park and have a picnic at a table in the sun. The dogs enjoy the gardens. We check out the Maldon Caravan Park which has been recommended to us, but it looks dry and dusty and doesn’t appeal. On the return journey, we pass through fields of wheat stubble and the ruins of old bluestone houses. The volcanic hills of which there are always three or four in view, are a constant curiosity. This is a photographer’s dream so I leap in and out of the car taking photos and return later to get a few more shots as the light changes.

Golden wheat and old volcanoes
Crumbling ruins
Near Clunes, Vic

T cooks a Mustard Crusted Pork Roast on the Weber and as we sit outside under their awning the conversation drifts to how they, and their younger dog will handle the imminent passing of their older dog Gemma.

Gemma and Holly, a cheeky pair

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