Newcastle to Port Macquarie

Day 3, Monday March 18th 2013, Newcastle to Port Macquarie

We wake to a city washed clean by overnight rain and it was so cosy in the van. The wind has thankfully dropped out, so we have an early morning walk, find Sprocket coffee roasters and top up our bean supplies then move our caravan to a day parking area that is a little closer to town. The city of Newcastle encourages RV’s by allowing overnight free camping and provides plenty of day parking, but you must obey the rules and signs. The walk up to the obelisk is well worthwhile and the view of the city is rewarding.

Driving up the coast we’re noticing that the vegetation is becoming thick and lush. At Taree walking along the banks of the Manning River, we can see evidence of the recent floods. We have lunch in Frank Mills Field which is a nicely treed park on the outskirts of town.

It’s an easy drive on to Port Macquarie and longing for a hot shower we check into the Leisure Tourist Park. The park has a tropical feel with lots of palm trees. We are too far from town to walk in (we really must invest in some bikes), so we drive around and marvel at how much the place has grown since our last visit. Gated estates seem to be popular here but we are taken with the little community of Settlement Point which consists mainly of older waterfront holiday homes on large blocks of land on a long spit in a bend of the Hastings River. The place has the feel of Christmases past and cricket in the backyard. We drop into the Port Macquarie pub for a drink on the veranda. Although tiredness is starting to creep upon us, we walk along the breakwater to Town Beach. The rocks on the Hastings River breakwater have been decorated with messages from families who have holidayed in the town. Each rock is painted differently with pictures, poems, and tributes, it provides a wonderful insight into the holidays that hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

Towing Kms: 245Kms

2020 Note: We eventually bought some fold-up bikes but found that they were more trouble than they were worth.

A beer by the water at Port Macquarie
Map Source: WikiCamps

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    1. Oh blimey, they’re driving me nuts. I saw a middle aged woman (old enough to know better) helmetless and hurtling down the middle of our street the other day. One assumes that she was expecting the traffic to go either side of her. Perhaps if I take the iron out and run it over the bitumen I’ll find that there’s a new middle lane marked in lemon juice for the use of electric scooters.

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