A Chiltern Christmas – Day 6

Day 6 Tuesday 21/12/21 Chiltern, Warm 31 We take the Hume Highway down to Wangaratta. I drop Woody off to do a bit of power walking while I visit my cousins for a bit of power talking. Afterwards, it’s off along the Great Alpine Way beyond Myrtleford to the Happy Valley Pub. So many times we’ve rounded this bend crossed the creek and said “Wow, that looks like a great pub we must drop in sometime”. Now we’ve got time to do it. The Ovens Valley, as always, is resplendent. Tall poplars, mighty shade trees, vineyards, quirky corrugated iron tobacco … Continue reading A Chiltern Christmas – Day 6

A Chiltern Christmas – Day 4

Day 4 Sunday 19/12/21, Chiltern, Wet 28˚ 49mm of rain That was a roaster! It was a shocker of a night. With every window and hatch open we toss and turn under a sheet. What breeze there is, rattles the door roller blind banging the tablecloth weights with a clatter. Tablecloth weights? Yep, they work really well to keep the blind in place. Thunder booms and half asleep and naked I close the 4 roof hatches and the windows on the weather side before falling back into bed and waiting for the heavy plops. Disappointingly, there’s only enough to lower … Continue reading A Chiltern Christmas – Day 4