A Chiltern Christmas – Day 6

Day 6 Tuesday 21/12/21 Chiltern, Warm 31

We take the Hume Highway down to Wangaratta. I drop Woody off to do a bit of power walking while I visit my cousins for a bit of power talking.

Afterwards, it’s off along the Great Alpine Way beyond Myrtleford to the Happy Valley Pub. So many times we’ve rounded this bend crossed the creek and said “Wow, that looks like a great pub we must drop in sometime”. Now we’ve got time to do it. The Ovens Valley, as always, is resplendent. Tall poplars, mighty shade trees, vineyards, quirky corrugated iron tobacco and hop kilns line the valley.

The pub is busy with festive groups, thankfully we’re allotted a room all to ourselves. Our salads are good, very good and they have Billson’s Ginger Beer on tap. We sneak out thankful that we dodged the crowds. For a change of scenery we return via Beechworth which is busy with ambling holidaymakers.

Accom: 36.00

Note: Too late we realize that we didn’t drop into Billson’s Brewery in Beechworth for a case of that rather moreish ginger beer.

The Happy Valley Pub, the perfect spot for refreshments under a shady grapevine and on the rail trail

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