A Chiltern Christmas – Day 12 – Back to the city

Day 12 Monday 27/12/21 Whorouly to home, sunny 21

Rather than take the Hume Highway we decide on the scenic route down through the King Valley. The King Valley as always is beautiful. All the campgrounds are busy and packed. The locals will be rubbing their hands together I’d say, trade at last after all the Covid lockdowns and uncertainty. Climbing through the ranges south of Whitfield is interminable and we realise that we’ve only ever driven this road northbound which is easier with a van behind.

By the time we reach Mansfield, we’re hanging for a break and a bite to eat but it isn’t to be. The town is heaving with tourists. We’re trying to avoid crowds until we can get our 3rd shot next week so we press on to Yarck. Tiny Yarck isn’t such a good idea either as we can’t cross the road for cars. The traffic is bumper to bumper a long line snaking out of the city. By Yea we have to stop and we find the quietest shop we can to grab a sandwich. The incessant oncoming traffic finally eases when we hit the suburbs at Lilydale. Yep, they’ve all left the city now.

Towing Kms: 315Kms


12 Days, 11 nights

Total Kms: 1452Kms

Accommodation: $375.00

Map source: WikiCamps

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