A Chiltern Christmas – Day 8 – In a stew over rabbit

Day 8 Thursday 23/12/21 Chiltern, Warm 32

It’s a quiet day of reading and walks. We learn on the park grapevine that someone’s kids over on the unpowered lawn area have killed a rabbit and their Gran is about ready to kill them. I’ll take a guess that they’re not city kids. Also, there’s gossip that the pub was knocked over (robbed) this week. I hope they weren’t after cash because it didn’t seem that busy.

Keep a lookout fellas! There are killer kids on the loose!

A large Jayco Silverline squeezed in between us and P & K today. They’ll be here for 10 days so it’s going to be a little bit tight.

I take a walk around the gardens of Lake View House and explore the railway station and the old goods shed.

Chiltern Railway Station
Lake Anderson Caravan Park, Chiltern

Once more we eat dinner in the open-air camp kitchen with its delightful views across the lawns to the lake. We meet J who reckons his steak from the local butcher is so tender that he can eat it with a spoon and he does. Yep, J is a bit of a character and quite a traveller. We’re starting to feel like we’ve landed in some kind of crazy commune here. Everyone chats. The campers and the permanent residents, some are on the road full time and some are regular travellers like us, some have found this place and never moved on. They certainly are a jolly lot, a bunch of cute dogs, a hungry magpie with a gammy leg, a flock of ducks, even the sparrows have personality. For a variety of reasons, it seems we’ve all been flung together for Xmas.

Accom: 36.00

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