A Chiltern Christmas – Day 7

Day 7 Wednesday 22/12/21 Chiltern, Warm 31

You really can’t go past bacon & eggs for breakfast made with the bacon we bought in Albury. P & K next door aren’t touring the area as their motorhome is all set up, so we bundle them and the dogs, Molly and Charlie in the back and go into Rutherglen. We want to buy some new acrylic wine glasses as ours are looking sadly discoloured. We visit De Bortoli, All Saints and Campbells to no avail but the Sparkling Shiraz we try at Campbells is so good it takes all my effort not to ask for a second tasting. We buy two bottles for Xmas lunch and a jar of local Gooramadda olives. The return drive is through Corowa and Wahgunyah to give our passengers a bit of a feel for the area.

The afternoon is spent reading and sketching. For a change of scenery, we cook our chops in the camp kitchen and make a start on the jar of olives. I doubt I’ve ever tasted better olives. I could probably ramble on for a paragraph or two about their toothiness, mouthfeel and lingering flavours but that’s what happens after a morning in the vineyards.

At sundown, I take a quiet walk around town. The rustic old buildings are glowing in the sunset.

Whimsy Gift shop caught in the last rays of the sun
It is indeed a gift

There are a lot of rabbits in this park and as I go outside at 10:00pm to turn off our now exuberant light display, I find one little flopsy munching happily on our lawn.

Accom: 36.00

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