A Chiltern Christmas – Day 4

Day 4 Sunday 19/12/21, Chiltern, Wet 28˚ 49mm of rain

That was a roaster!

It was a shocker of a night. With every window and hatch open we toss and turn under a sheet. What breeze there is, rattles the door roller blind banging the tablecloth weights with a clatter. Tablecloth weights? Yep, they work really well to keep the blind in place. Thunder booms and half asleep and naked I close the 4 roof hatches and the windows on the weather side before falling back into bed and waiting for the heavy plops. Disappointingly, there’s only enough to lower the temperature enough for us to get some sleep.

Breakfast in the cool air is a relief and the neighbours compare their night, the consensus is, it was a roaster!

Mid-morning storm clouds gather and we get a little rain. With a bit of Aldi shopping to do we drive into Wodonga. Gosh, this town is growing. While we’re at it we pick up a new towball cover as Woody keeps getting grease on his shorts. As we leave town the heavens open and it starts to hit Chiltern on our return. It rains solidly for about 90 minutes leaving the park awash (thank goodness for our concrete slab) and the unpowered lawn section has turned into a lake.

As soon as the rain stops, we all rush outside to compare notes again.

In town, the café which is at the lowest point has flooded and sandbags denote that this isn’t the first time. We chat with neighbour G and his dog Chewie and cook the pies for dinner.

Accom: 36.00

A little precipitation to cool things down

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